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Delivering True Failover

Fail over between multiple data centres, with no geographical boundary limit.

Have you ever been disconnected from the internet and need to send a email urgently or need to make a phone call and couldn’t, you need to seriously consider a Multi-Site Cloud Network with Instant Failover.

Imagine being on a really important phone call and your router switches from ADSL/NBN/Fibre etc to 4G instantly. The when the service resumes .. it switches back. You won’t even know its happened. That’s true failover!

Up to a 99.9% Uptime

Are you sick of downtime and what it costs you in lost productivity.

With no internet connection … its simple, your company comes to a complete stand still. SLA’s will not pay you for your staff downtime, just a portion of your month costs for your internet services.

With the majority of our internet services, we provide a 99.9% uptime. If you want to bridge that gap even further, look at our Multi-Site Cloud Network solution for true fail-over to secondary internet or 4G mobile broadband services.

Save On Monthly Costs

Don’t pay for expensive business links every again.

Traditionally, business grade services were the only way to give your business the best uptime. This came with a very expensive price tag which on the enterprise customers/clients could afford.

With a new era of software defined services, SD-WAN provides the ability to aggregator multiple internet services together creating a cost effective solution with fail-over never seen before.

Built for enterprise class

business applications

If you run business applications or cloud services over the internet, you are heavily reliant on internet services that can delivery true uptime.

A vCloud Hosting Internet Services delivers the maximum possible uptime with the best cost effective pricing point. Our Internet services has been specifically designed to optimise the performance of the following:

  • Business-critical cloud services,
    including Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Software as a Service applications
  • CCTV and Video surveillance
  • Buiness Continuity Services
  • Real-time data recovery
  • VoIP & Video conferencing services
  • Multi-Site Cloud Network Access with SD-WAN

Credit for any downtime.

To give you peace of mind.

vCloud Hosting will give a service uptime based on the Service Level provided by our upstream providers. Most services will come with a 99% uptime.

For 99.999% uptime, we recommend bundling an internet service with our world class Multi-Site Cloud Network with instant failover to a secondary or 4G mobile broadband service.

In the event that we do not deliver the service covered under the SLA at the level(s) guaranteed then a schedule of rebates of the monthly access fee will apply.



Expensive Bandwidth ... Gone

MPLS, Ethernet Fibre, Ethernet over Copper, Ethernet Wireless, NBN TC2 internet services are great but also expensive. For most small to medium business it is out of their reach.

Small to medium business still suffer great from down-time, so its important to keep their internet services costs lower and still providing and fail-over solution.

Branch Complexity ... Gone

Provisioning internet services for branch offices is very simple. Using our Multi-Site Cloud Network you have the ability to mix and match services across different providers.

This means you aren’t locked into one provider who can give you a great price at one office and an expensive price at another.

ISP Dependence ... Gone

With a vCloud Hosting Internet Service you do not require such reliance on your internet services with most of our services available on monthly, short to long term contracts.

We can work with pre/post paid services and if its a solution we cant provide, we will point you in the right direction to get it.

We are the end-to-end cloud network solutions provider.

We the growth of cloud computing over the years, the amount of cloud services available today is really out of control. The question becomes whats is the best solution for your business.

We only have one focus for any company looking at using cloud as a platform for their business … less hand balling and hassle between providers.

It makes sense now to choose a service provider that can deliver a majority of services so they can work within their own departments and areas to fix IT issues quicker than waiting for an external company to resolve a solution … possibiliy in a different timezone.

With all major internet service providers working directly with us, we can make your company much more productive.

Get in contact with us today so we can help you find an affordable internet service that can save you hundreds if not thousands a month.

With a combined end-to-end solutions from internet services, cloud hosted networks, cloud based phone systems and multi-site cloud network … let us show you how we can give you peace of mind by having one company manage everything.

With no headaches or hassles.