Looking for a new way to communicate?

Improve workplace efficiency and productivity with our specialised phone PBX solutions.

Fast, Efficient Provisioning

Once all setup, we hand over to your IT manager or administrator.

Create extensions, allocate direct dial-in numbers, add extensions to ring groups, change voicemail pins, set forwarding rules all from an intuitive portal we give you access to.

Provision a phone in a matter of minutes. No need to wait or use an external IT provider to manage your phone system.

Delivering True Failover

Fail over between multiple data centres. No geographical boundary limit.

With partnerships including AWS, Google and IBM, we can host and replicate your instance of your PBX anywhere in the world … knowing you will always be connected to your phone system.

With a vCloud Hosting Cloud Multi-Site Network, we can increase the efficiency, fail over and bandwidth to increase your up-time, giving you more productivity.

Optimised For Cloud Platforms

Lightweight enough to make it efficient for a true cloud platform.

Using the power of software defined infrastructure a vCloud Hosting Cloud PBX gives you the last piece to creating a virtual office. No need to use a receptionist or an answering service, manage it all yourself from a PC or smart phone.

Connect to a website, login and start creating users, extensions, ring groups and access to logs all at your fingertips … it’s that simple to use.

Save On Monthly Costs

Pay fixed per trunk, per call or a mixture of both.

Pay a monthly SIP trunk cost, then pay for calls you make. Or pay a fix cost monthly cost with all calls included. You can even bring down your monthly costs going with a hybrid solution for both scenarios.

Contact us, bring us three (3) recent telephone bills and we will show you how we can save you real money off your telecommunications costs.


Today's Challenges To Connect Phones Across Multiple Sites

Connecting a phone system across multiple office/branches/sites at a cost effective price point is harder than it looks.

Traditional IT companies will implement expensive telecommunication links to create the quality of service.

With a vCloud Hosting Cloud Multi-Site Network, the cloud has given us the ability to create an agile infrastructure platform.

Expensive Bandwidth ... Gone

Stop right there … just look at a vCloud Cloud Multi-Site Network, let us show you how we can aggregate multiple internet services together for extra bandwidth and fail-over support.

Branch Complexity ... Gone

Today, you can provision a phone, pick it up, take it to another office or even home and still make calls, receive voicemail, receive calls from you’re your handset. You can even use your software phone anywhere you connect to the internet.

Lightweight Architecture

A vCloud Hosting Cloud PBX is so lightweight, you can even run it on a very low end Intel NUC on-premise or in the cloud as a very lightweight virtual machine at any one of our data centres worldwide.

“Finally, a phone system lightweight enough that can be deployed and deliver in today’s cloud platform.
Be anywhere and be connected to your company no matter of geographical location.”

- Trevor Mifsud (CEO, vCloud Group)

Turn any computer .. Windows or Mac, smart phone/tablet into a VoIP phone in seconds!

It’s simple really, download the app on your device, login your phone system portal, send yourself the provisioning file for your extension and open the attachment. That’s it, done. Your smart device can now act as a telephone. More so, no matter where you are in the world, as long as you have an internet service/connection you can dial extensions directly at no cost .. just data usage.

Add a link to a webmeeting in your email signature and have a instant way for potential customers to communicate with you. Nothing to install, just connect and talk.

Let us help you slash hundreds in telecommunication costs, while making your company and staff more productive and accessible.

Sign up for a free hands-on evaluation of our Cloud PBX solution. Bring us three phone bills, give us 15 minutes to input the information into our costs savings spreadsheet and we will let you know what you could be saving per month in real money.